Let's Swing

Let's Swing was the latest amazing event, organised by Greta and Peter.
The event started off with lindy-hop lesson tought  by Jure and Ana from Studio Dansa. After that people enjoyed swinging and watching Buster Keaton`s silent movie, The General. Popular cocktail recipes from 1940's gave people energy to dance (even despite missing ingredients ) and a lot of fun :) 
Something interesting is coming... The last EVS event of this year "EVS Space Pirate Party". Pirates (volunteers) whenever you are we need you!

EVS Movie Night - Russia

Third movie evening belongs to Russia.
Anton presented Brothers 2, an action movie. It describes high-profile businessmen involved in criminal activities, stereotypes of the "perfect" west: the forbidden dream of million people lived in dictatorship system in the past, prostitution, racism in USA etc.
One of the most main messages of the movie is: The truth is more powerful and strong than money!
Of course we tasted Vodka with pickled cucumber. Next movie, next year... :)

The XX concert. Zagreb. Adventures.

The trip to the concert was planned more than month ago. None of us is a huge fan of the XX, probably heard a couple of songs, but nothing more. But we were very excited, because it was a new experience, new city. We booked the tickets via online service, it costed approximately 25 euros, so the price was quite reasonable.

EVS Movie Nights - Albania

For the second movie evening, Mery presented Der Albaner, a German-Albanian movie describing the rough reality of illegal migration and the customs that still keep women subjugated to men's will.
We also found out that we prefer Albanian byrek and that they produce excellent alcohol (below you can clearly see the disappointment of our big boss Matjaz when Greta tried to mix it with Coca-Cola!).
Next week is Anton's turn, with a Russian action movie!

Global Awareness by Mdc Blok

This week was a week of Global Learning in all the Slovenia. Every little change in the world starts from one person - yourself. With this purpose Mdc Blok team collected the ideas how to help to our earth and expressed them in a short stop motion movie ! By these simple steps our  Mother nature is gonna be very thankful :) 
P.s. Thanks to Peter!! 

EVS band in the making!

So today we welcome a new favourite girl in our flat ! Her name is Neža and it is a bass guitar for our EVS band ! We just need to find some drums, amplifier and we will be ready to do some jamming session :) . Anyway we had to travel far away to buy the guitar and Matjaž showed us some interesting things on the way there and from there. We went to Italian border and saw old war memorial. Here are some photos from the day !

EVS Movie Night - Slovakia!

With this evening we start weekly movie night focused on presenting some of the best cinematographic experiences our countries can offer ! Every (mostly) Sunday there will be an event with a movie from one of our countries, some good food and drinks. Feel free to join ! Next one is Albania 

Musem of illusions, Ljubljana

We visited Museum of illusions  in Ljubljana, it was cool and we had fun but it is definitely not worth paying 8 euros for it. Anyway, check out some photos and videos we made there !

Jam Graff Session in Ostriga. Let's spray some paints out!!

Empty walls are the best place to create an art. Four graffiti masters from France and Slovenia met in Ostriga, Škofja Loka, to promote the graffiti/street-art to a diverse public. Theme was based on jungle, Mayan civilisation, deep ocean sight. Different style artists showed us how to achieve an amazing result with simple tools!

We are so proud of our EVS volunteer, Gautier from France, who promoted this awesome event and also thanks to all the people who came, helped and supported.

KŠŠ Brucovanje 2016

The time has come for freshmans to taste some of the sweet student life. People from KŠŠ and Ostriga prepared spectacular party for them with live music - Balkan Boys, they were amazing- and DJ Haris Pilton. There was also a long-awaited premiere of traditional bruc film in whitch we were able to take part, special  thanks to Luka, Rok, Vid and Lunder for letting us test our acting skills, it was a lot of fun ! Enjoy some footage from the party and the movie below.

Just how high are you ?

We EVSes are no lazy people (some of us at least) and so Anton, Matjaž and Greta  undertook long and tiring hike to Golica, 1836 metres above sea level.

Painting of Ostriga

Tuesday we all gathered in Ostriga and painted the main room in preparations for Gautiers Jam Graff Session. Was a lot of mess and a lot of fun, enjoy the timelapse of it !

Trip to Trieste

On monday we decided we’ve had enough of this cold rainy weather and we are changing climates. We went to Trieste and it was beautiful, great weather, amazing architecture and crazy italians disrespecting rules. We also visited Predjamski grad on the way there (we have seen donkeys there !!) . Here are some photos made by Greta.

Winter is coming

Winter is coming and with it came a huge pile of firewood that needed to be relocated inside our shed. Thankfully reinforcements came from PUM and with their help we accomplished our task in a record time! Thanks everyone who helped, see you at the dinner ;)