The XX concert. Zagreb. Adventures.

The trip to the concert was planned more than month ago. None of us is a huge fan of the XX, probably heard a couple of songs, but nothing more. But we were very excited, because it was a new experience, new city. We booked the tickets via online service, it costed approximately 25 euros, so the price was quite reasonable.

So, we decided to go a bit early, in order to have time to see more places. It was considered that the city we are going to visit is Novo Mesto and at 8 in the morning we started our journey. Everything ran smoothly before we reached Novo Mesto. The thing is that this town looks much more beautiful in google maps than in real life. But it wasn’t the most remarkable event of this part of our trip. When we parked the car and decided to find a place to have breakfast, it refused to give the key back! Yeah, the key got stuck in a lock. After 10 minutes of trying to get it out, Peter and I decided to search for a magical thing called WD-40, whereas Greta and Hauke (our EVS friend) were guarding the car. After one hour of searching the problem was solved, we had breakfast and continued our trip to Zagreb. On Croatian border our ID-s were checked, and guess which one was examined the most? Of course the Russian one.
In Zagreb it was sunny, but cold and windy. We went to the city center, had some coffee, but, indeed, it didn’t warm us up, so we settled to find something more appropriate. In the city center there were a lot of different tents, some kind of fairs, and the most popular selling good was kuhano vino. Should be noted that the currency in Croatia is kuna, so earlier we exchanged some euros to kuna. So we bought us some kuhano vino, warmed up and kept on exploring the city. In the evening we met another EVS friend Tomas, and went to have some pizza before the concert.

Around 8 in the evening we arrived to the concert place, where we met Joana, so now all EVS team was completed. We decided to get some drinks, because we still had to wait outside and it was really cold. Surprisingly, we met some people from Skofja Loka, who also came for the concert. Finally, the doors were open and we entered the hall, which was more like big school gym. There were only standing places, and we were approximately 5 meters away from stage.  The concert started with a warm up band, which name I don’t know. I wasn’t very impressed but others liked it more. In a gap between performances more people came and it became really crowdy. We met 2 girls from Slovakia and 1 from Poland who stay in Zagreb within Erasmus + programs. Peter was told that his Slovakian is terrible and he shouldn’t speak it. What comes to the concert itself, so it was really cool, the sound, the ambience, the performance were on really high level. People sang along to every song and the band was pleasantly surprised with this fact. The concert ended around 11, some people headed for after party and we, tired but happy gave a lift to the hostel for Joana and Tomas. But we didn’t know at that moment that adventures are not over. In Zagreb we were stopped by the police. Luckily, they just checked Peter’s driving license, because if they knew that there’s a Russian in the car it would take much longer. I don’t know why, they really like my passport. After crossing the border we stopped at the petrol station, bought some snacks, and continued our way. Hauke was successfully driven to Trbovlje and approximately at 3 we came back home. Tired but happy :)
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